A new adventure starts NOW! Welcome to Beira, Mozambique!

Today is my first full day in Beira, Mozambique, my new home. I will write a decent post soon (as soon as I catch up on the Portugal posts) but for now I will leave you with my first sight of Beira: The view from the airplane window… Sublime!

Beira from above!

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5 Responses to A new adventure starts NOW! Welcome to Beira, Mozambique!

  1. Amazing. One of my friends recently also moved there. It seems they are looking for skilled labour?

    • Tonito says:

      I’ve only been here for a couple of days so haven’t been to get grasp of things, but I’m sure skilled is not abundant here…

  2. BEIRA alwyas amazing flame of passions and compassions of effects. Keep your hopes up. While living in Mozambique it was my first metropoles, now I live in a mega cities of the world like: Dallas, Houston Texas. I visited the smallest to the biggest of the great cities around. Beira has it. Visit Manicaartgallery.com

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks Helton! I only lived there for 8 months and was suppose to return but unfortunately the job offer fell through… I was sad about not being able to go back as I would love to carry on living there! 🙂 Will check out your site!

      • I am sorry for the incident, but someday you may always go back. Mozambique is becoming a hot spot for turismo. there is always a chance to go back for some vacation or work. build a webpage and promote turismo… products…I still have family living in Beira and all over Mozambique. In the next two or three years I will go back. Let me know about your next trip. I want to invest in Mozambique…

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