From the desert sands of Libya to the beach and turquoise waters of Mozambique: A first impression.

I arrived in Beira, Mozambique on Tuesday, so I´m obviously getting used to my surroundings, job and the city and really haven´t had much time to explore yet. However Mozambique is very different to Libya in so many ways already that I feel compelled to share these differences in an initial post about the country. Though there´s one thing that didn´t change much from my experience in Libya: the arrival at Beira airport, as once again there was no one waiting for me at the airport (just like in Libya) and I had ask someone for internet and a phone so that I could be picked up. Eventually I was picked up and taken to the project site office to start the usual processes of induction etc.

Beira International Airport...

But here, quickly written in my little notebook was my first impressions of this new country, adventure and challenge:

  • Beira is more of a town than a city (reminds me a lot of Puerto Maldonado in Peru), but I like small towns, so no complaints from me
  • The roads are not great, even in the city, but at least Beiran drivers don´t have a death wish on other  drivers on the road i.e. driving here is pretty tranquil.
  • After two and something years of living in countries where you didn´t always understand what was being said around you, it´s pretty strange to understand everything being said in the office between locals.
  • Mozambique really is the land of smiles as 90% of the people I´ve met are always smiling and friendly

    Snapshots from Beira

With regards to work, the company here gives us a few more well deserved benefits, such as cleaners for the houses, laundry services and we also get little perks like a Blackberry.

Anyway so far the experience is quite positive but I really want to get out and see more of the city so I can take some photos and share with you.

Come back soon for a proper post.

*The photos from this post are taken from and iPod, hence the low quality

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