All you need is love! (And a bit of luck and a job in Tripoli)

Life has a way of throwing up surprises when you least expect it. If someone told me ten years ago, that  I would be working in Mozambique, after stints in the London, Emirates and Libya I would have told them stop smoking whatever they had smoked to come up with that nonsense. However, here I am, in Mozambique. This is what I love about life: It´s unpredictability.

The unpredictability of life!

In the last four and half years life has been unpredictable full surprises, disappointments, difficulties and accomplishments. Whether they have been positive or negative I´ve embraced these experiences fully as I know in the long run it would pay off in some way or another. I´ve always said this about my moves to Abu Dhabi and Tripoli, however little did I know that Tripoli, would indirectly lead me to the biggest unexpected occurrence in my life.

My decision to move to Abu Dhabi, was initially frowned upon by friends and family, thinking it would be better to stay in London in terms of career prospects. Granted that they might have been right as my year in Abu Dhabi didn´t give me immediate professional satisfaction, but I did make some fantastic friends and I travelled to places that I never thought I would!

However due to my professional stagnation I was given a choice of staying in Abu Dhabi or moving to Tripoli for a professional challenge. So between a choice of staying in a place I liked where I had friends and had a very comfortable life and moving to a country I knew very little about or knew anyone, I decided to take the riskier option.

The decision to move to Libya meant that I spent new year´s in Madeira. It was over this new year´s celebration that I met a friend of a friend, with whom, on a night of alcohol induced frivolity, I joked with saying that we would get married.  Anyway my ´wife´ and I maintained contact and became friends. A couple of months later, Libya once again played a part in us meeting again. She moved to London and I was on my way back to Tripoli after a holiday. We arranged to meet. This meeting spawned more frequent communications (being the nice person I am, I wanted to make sure she was settling in well).

Before I knew it. I had fallen for this girl. She was (and is) what I believe to be the perfect woman. Fortunately this silly girl liked this silly boy too. The rest my friends is history.

Like I said, expect the unexpected in life, and this has once again proved the rule to me. When I least expected to meet someone I did. Yes, life does lead you down different paths, but in the end, life is what you make of it, so if you don´t react to these unexpected occurrences, nothing will change.

Life and my decisions led me to meet Raquel. I could have just not done anything about this. Fortunately I did and in the end, I completely and utterly fell in love with her.

People always say that when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you know. They say that you can feel it your gut. Stars are aligned and everything just feels ´right´. I always thought that this a whole lot of romantic-comedy induced drivel. Well, I´ve had to eat my words as I now know exactly what that feels like. She is everything I wanted in a woman and more and best of all is she stole my heart.

A year and a couple of months after the “we are going to get married and honeymoon in Cuba” joke, I proposed to Raquel and she in turn smiled as wide as I´ve ever seen her smile and yes.

Once again life has outdone itself  and my decisions have led me to the love of my life.

Travelling Tonito is now engaged and his adventures will not be experienced alone anymore.

My walks will never be alone again... (Photo Credit: Leo Neves)

Amo-te meu amor!

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2 Responses to All you need is love! (And a bit of luck and a job in Tripoli)

  1. Emma Parker says:

    Woo hooo! Congratulations! As one very happily married expat I can only say that I highly recommend it! Oh the adventures that will be in store for you both!

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