When a bushman starts to fall in love with the beach…

Waking up every morning and hearing the waves break onto the beach is a new experience for me. It made me think about my relationship with the ocean and I realized, this the third consecutive time I´ve been posted on a coastal city (though never actually lived by the beach): Abu Dhabi, Tripoli and now Beira.

Lonesome walk along the beach

I´m bush baby  and love the bush to bits, which is why I haven´t really ever appreciated living by the sea. In the year I lived in Abu Dhabi, I never went to the beach, with the exception of one time, but that was for a camping trip in Oman. In Tripoli, I never went to the beach as well, with the exception being once again for a camping trip.

However in almost one month here in Beira, I´ve walked along the beach every weekend. When the tide is out,  the walk is quite pleasant and beach is scattered with people and fisherman. Yesterday I took my camera with me for my walk to the restaurant where I have breakfast and took some photos to share what I see when I walk.

A fisherman and his net

For the first time in my life I´ve actually taken advantage of seaside living. Walking along a beach does not always mean that you are simply walking, you also become an observer and passive participant in the theater that is a beach: Watching kids play, fisherman going through their routines, couples enjoying the view etc. It also presents you with excellent photographing opportunities.

However, if you are lucky it also means you can talk to people. As I was walking a little boy was digging shell-like things from the beach. He clearly saw my curiosity and came up to me to explain what he was doing. “Estou procurando conchas.” (I´m looking for shells). I asked him what for and he simply said because he felt it. After stopping to talk he went back to digging for shells until a couple of minutes later when he stopped and decided he felt like running.

I decided against taking a photo of the boy simply because I didn’t want turn him into ‘gimmick’ or something of the sort, but thinking back I regret not taking the photo as he had one of the widest smiles I’ve seen.

I carried on walking to the restaurant where I would have my late breakfast and subsequently lunch. I found a seat, took out my book, plugged in my iPod and simply enjoyed the ocean breeze on my face while reading. Yes I have fallen in love with beach side living.

After finishing my book I walked back home along the beach, with the tide high, the fisherman where returning to the beach to and selling their catch to people waiting on the beach. The thing I loved was that people didn’t even seem to notice me, the white guy with the big camera.

A boat after a days work

I took some more photos along the beach before heading back home, but not before I took photo something quite familiar to me yet very unfamiliar with my idea of Mozambique… The minarets of the local mosque.

Something familiar

Conclusion of the day: I could walk along this beach all day long.

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3 Responses to When a bushman starts to fall in love with the beach…

  1. Raquel Dias says:

    OMG! I can’t believe you just said that “I could walk along this beach all day long.” I could cry after this sentence…..you can actually walk……. omg!….

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