Ser Benfiquista… When locals actually know your club!

Recently I´ve said how nice it is to live in a country where you can understand everything around you after two years of living in countries where simple English, hand gestures and blank looks were the order of the day. However there is another one of these familiarity issues which have come up and it is to do with sport, more specifically, soccer.

One of my several trips to watch the mighty Glorioso!

Being of Portuguese decent I and son of a fervent soccer fan, my primary football allegiances lie with Sport Lisboa Benfica, Portugal´s biggest football club. However when I lived in London, Abu Dhabi and Tripoli, when people asked me which club I supported and I responded with Benfica, the people who asked very rarely knew about my club.

Then I moved to Mozambique… Suddenly I´m having in depth discussions about my club with the company drivers. It´s extremely odd to speak to non-portuguese and them give you an in depth analysis of why Carlos Martins is being played out of position by Jorge Jesus (The former a player, the latter the coach). For once I can talk about the team I support and don´t need to make statements about  teams I follow in other leagues.

You might be thinking thats me in the photo... It´s not. It´s the celebrations in Maputo when Benfica were last champions!

Just out of interest for those reading, Benfica is the football club with the most paid members in the world! In 2010, they were the 20th richest club in world football. The fact that people around here know this is fantastic! I can speak about my beloved Benfica and people know how great this club is! Just to give you an idea, when Benfica came to Mozambique to play a friendly with the local club of Maputo, there were more fans in attendance than at a match featuring the national side!


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