In search of Eden…

I´ve been in Mozambique for a month and a half and in this time I have turned somewhat into a 70 year old vegetable. I got to sleep at 10pm (that is when I get home before this time) wake up at 5am. I groan loudly when getting out of bed (this is less of pain but more of the agony of waking at this ungodly hour!). My ridiculous and uber exciting home-work-home-with-the-odd-beach-walk routine has brought out the lazy bum in me with full force! My appearance was complementing my state of mind… My afro was desperately struggling to make a comeback while my unruly beard had become home small animals and bits of food. Khalas!!* As I would say in Libya. I need to get out of this rut!

Tommorrow is a public holiday here in Mozambique and I´m going to use this long (normal) weekend to spend it in the savannah bush of Gorongosa National Park. This is what I do best! I´ve arranged a two day trip to the park with Explore Gorongosa, where we will be staying in ´luxury´ tents for the night. I´ll be joined by a couple of colleagues from work. The weekend will simply be one of pure relaxation nestled in the African bush. I can´t even begin to say how much I’m looking forward to this! I really need this break and get away from the city.

The camp (Photo Credit: Rob Janish)

I will blog about the experience next week! Have a good one everyone!

*Khalas  = Finished in Arabic

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