O Tempo Pirraca… Once again!

Time is a fickle beast. It always does the opposite of what you want it to do. If you need it to slow down to savour a moment, it whizzes past with no regret and dust in your face. If you need time to speed up, it slows down to a snails pace and puts in fingers in its ears and stick out its tongue like a child does when teasing you. I find this extraordinarily inconvenient. I´ve written about this before (it tends to happen when a holiday approaches) just before I left Libya in this post.

This is what time is doing to me!

 Friday I will be flying to South Africa for 10 days and once again, o tempo pirraça (Time toys with me)! The last two months in Beira, have been intense. The long working hours and difficult working conditions (I won´t elaborate as I don’t talk specifics about work on the blog) have been tough and add to that, that two months is the longest I’ve been without Raquel (this is especially hard as we spent two solid months together before I can here). These conditions and parameters have made that departure to South Africa a very bright light at the end of the tunnel!

 Everytime I look at the date, my departue still seems ages away. I need to stop looking at the clock and calender! This reminds me of an episode of a recent tv series called Raising Hope, where in the episode the protagonist starts a new job at a grocery store and one of the first things he is told is not to look at the clock because if you do, you go crazy because time does not move. So once again I leave with Vanessa da Mata’s lyrics from Pirraca.

Quando à tarde no trabalho (When I’m at work in the afternoon)
Quero que o tempo passe (I want time to pass by)
Os ponteiros do relógio (But the arms on the watch)
Só me dão o tique-taque (Simply gives me a tick tock)
Vanessa Da Mata – Pirraça
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