There’s still no place like home!*

R&R. Home Leave. Vacation. I honestly don’t care what the Brazilians I work for call it, I simply want it to happen, regardless of what it is named. Here in Mozambique I get a ten day break every two months, which is nice, in contrast to the twelve every three months I had in Libya, however it still is way too long to spend away from Raquel.  Usually these breaks should be spent in London, but this time round I flew to South Africa where Raquel met up with me, so she could finally meet my family. I would have loved to take Raquel out to see South Africa, but both of us agreed that considering our hectic work schedules up to our holidays, we should really take a break and not exert ourself with excessive sightseeing.

Most of the vacation was spent at home relaxing and meeting family and friends. Ah family. My big fat loud Portuguese family… My little cousins still wonder about this elusive bearded Tonito person they hear about but barely see (And when they do see him, scream bloody murder until he buys their affection with gifts; My mom and aunts still spoil me with all my favourite foods and cakes and deserts and coffees and… well could go on forever. I miss them, but I’ve been lucky as I already seen them more this year than I have in the whole of last year and this time they got meet Raquel (They are lucky as I don’t like to share!). In between the family visits, we made time for quick tours of my town and some other little sights for Raquel though there was one thing I wanted her to experience: a safari. However, I will post about this seperately, so for now I leave you with photos of home.

 *The blog title eludes to another post written about a short trip exactly a year ago.

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