Meet the Parents (and hope Monster-in-Law doesn’t apply!)

“So when do we get to meet your girlfriend?”

“Don’t worry mom, July, I’ll be coming to South Africa with my fiancé so that the family can meet her”

“Your WHAT?!?!”

“Yes mom, my fiancé!”

That’s how I broke the news to my mom that I was engaged. I admit that telling her this way while she was driving was slightly hazardous to everyone in the cars’ well being, but hey, I like to mix things up.  That was one of the main reasons for Raquel coming to South Africa two weeks ago, so that my parents could the girl who stole my heart and refuses to give it back. I thought it would be slightly unreasonable for them to meet her on the wedding day.

Raquel understandably was slightly nervous. My introduction to her parents and family was done in phases. I was introduced as the slightly identity confused boyfriend who thought he was Portuguese and at the end of my second trip to Portugal, I was her fiancé (still confused about his identity) but at least her parents got to know me before I became the FIANCÉ. Her parents had enough time to hire a private investigators to check me out (and find about my arachnophobia, dislike of mushrooms, the French and white trousers and shoes for men).

For Raquel, the story was different. I don’t share to much private info about my love life with my family, so they had no idea I was seeing someone when I told them. They were pleased she was Portuguese and asked when they would meet her. My response was simple: I don’t know, so don’t expect it to be soon. For my parents and family, Raquel from being my girlfriend who they never met, to my fiancé who they still hadn’t met in a matter weeks.

This meant that Raquel was understandably slightly nervous about meeting my family (including, uncles, aunts, cousins, godparents, family friends) and it didn’t help that her sister told some bad stories about girls not getting along with their mother-in-laws. I think Raquel possibly had visions and flashes of the movie Monster-in-Law.

Fortunately for her, everyone loved her and she got along well with everyone and even joined in some of our traditional gossiping and jokes. However, this is only one half of the family… There is more (for both us actually)…

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