Travelling Nights: A Thousand and One Nights of Wonder

I was reading this post by Caz from yTravelblog this morning while having coffee before heading to another day of work and it made me smile as I was thrust back to some amazing moment I’ve had on my travels, especially some of the amazing places I’ve the pleasure of sleeping at. I’ve decided to share 3 of these experiences below.

The Sahara, The Milkyway and The Silence

In what turned out to be my last camping experience in the Libyan Sahara, I had one of my favourite night sky experiences. It was my final night of a three day camping trip in the Acacus mountain in Libya’s Southern Sahara, with my Libyan friend Abdul and our driver and friend, Ottman. We had just finished eating the simple dinner which Ottman prepared and were busy smoking a shisha when I looked up at the sky and realised that high above us was the Milky way… It was an amazing sight and experience the utter silence and  see the black night time sky pierced thousands of glittering stars. Despite having camped in the Sahara before this was by far my favourite of those camping trips and remains one of my favourite camping experiences ever!

Dusk in the Sahara

I couldn't photograph the sky but found this (courtesy of New Scientist)

The Amazon, The Animals and The Noise

Another favourite night time favourite of mine was my stay in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. I booked a two night stay at a lodge at one of the tributaries of Rio Madre Dios. The experience was one of the highlights of my stay in Peru. My room which had only 3 walls with one open to the forest meant that all the forest noise stormed into your ears at night and it took you a while to get used to the noise. It honestly is a cacophony of howler monkeys, insects and God knows what else. Even though it wasn’t camping and I was sleeping on a nice comfy bed, it was remarkable to be so close to the jungle noises. I honestly hope to return to the rainforest for a more ´rustic´ experience.

My room facing the jungle

The Beach, The Solitude and The Donkey

The final night time experience I want to share, is a camping trip I did in Oman. Two friends and I drive to Oman, from Abu Dhabi where we found a lovely beach next to a tiny village. We had a 6 Km stretch of beach all to ourselves where we set up out little camp and prepared a simple dinner and spent the night chatting away about everything and anything. This night stands out as one of my favourite as it was simple ingredients which together made for an incredible night: A stunning beach, great friends and donkey (which invaded our campsite later that night). We still talk about this trip when we meet up and we all agree that it was simply a perfect weekend and night.

Camping on an amazing beach with amazing people...

I’ve had many (and I do many) great nights which I could write about but these I just shared with you stand out for various reasons.

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2 Responses to Travelling Nights: A Thousand and One Nights of Wonder

  1. Great memories!! I’m so glad my post inspired this from you. Such a treat to read about others experiences with the night sky. Yours sound just as incredible. Makes you realize how small you are and how miraculous life is

    • Tonito says:

      Thank you for that little bit of inspiration to remove me from the tedium of work and take me back to my travels! I could have written a lot more, but decided to keep it short and sweet! 🙂

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