Teach a man to fish and he can fish for a lifetime…

My first trip to Istanbul was to work on a university project with the Gypsy community of Sulukule which was my first taste of some sort of charity or volunteer work. It was an experience which I will never forget and made me realise that sometimes there is a lot more to life than money. The experience taught me something about myself: I’m a helper. I want to help people.

It is because of this quality in me that I joined the company I’m working in, as they have an excellent social responsibility program. However, my first two years in the company this charity work eluded me. The countries we were operating in did not have good or any social responsibility programmes running.

That is until I arrived in Beira. Here in Beira we have a department which is responsible for relations with the local community and for once since joining this company, they take this job seriously. One of the first initiatives they have started here is a free IT class for anyone interested. It’s an interesting initiative as there is a clear lack in IT skills in the local workforce, so this course is a good way of giving local a leg up when it comes to employement.

Our first class

I liked the initiative so much that I signed up to be a class assistant to the teacher who gives the class. I’ve been to three lessons and it has been a hell of alot fun and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far and I’m already thinking of other ideas and programmes to initiate here. Watch this space!

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