120 Days: A Beira* da Normalidade?

In three days, I will celebrate my fourth months in Beira. Two months ago I posed this post in which simply stated that my time in Mozambique has not been as enjoyable as it should have been. Two months ago, I was seriously considering looking at other prospects away from Beira and even Mozambique… Fortunately two months later that has changed.

Another day watching the Indian Ocean

The good thing is that all my ill feelings towards Beira were simply work related and fortunately those work issues have now been resolved. With the change in work vis a vis Tonito relations, things in Beira have returned to some sort of expat normality: Home-Work-Home, interupted with the odd meal at restaurants and the occasional (very occassional) work do, where I have a free meal and some brief chit chat with colleagues .

With the exception of the my trips to Gorongosa and Zimbabwe, I have been become an anti-social pilar (a rather large one at that) between my rather more gregarious colleagues who spend their weekends on a nearby beach recovering from hangovers induced by parties and nights out. I on the other hand seek refuge in books, my eclectic iPod and a lone seat at a table at restaurants…

To be fair to myself, I’m not mister-party-animal-who-drinks-until-all-memory-of what-happened-is-expunged-by-recurgitation, however I’m slightly more social than this. However I realised something: I miss normal conversations which are not about how great things are in (insert country of origin) and how horrible things are here. I miss normal conversations which don’t revolve around work and office gossip.

Oh well, I have fallen into the expat trap of only cohabiting with colleagues. That is entirely my fault. Don’t complain, do something about it. For now Mr. Jubberand his adventures in search of Prester John keep me company (Good read by the way!).

What's been keeping me busy

* Beira means Edge in Portuguese, which means the title translates to On the Edge of Normality

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3 Responses to 120 Days: A Beira* da Normalidade?

  1. Andrea says:

    I think it takes time to settle into a new place as an expat – four months is certainly no indicator of how you’ll feel one year from now. You just have to roll with it, unfortunately. Our last city stint was a roller-coaster ride – we loved it, then hated it, then loved it again, finally leaving with the feeling that it just wasn’t the place for us and our time there had run its course. And it wasn’t even a place with culture shock, being an English-speaking country where one of us was born and grew up. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself more now – hope you get to spread your social circle a bit more. I think that is natural when you first arrive and I’m sure you’ll start meeting more people as you become more comfortable in your surrounds =)

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks Andrea! I’m quite used to this by now, with it being the fifth country I’ve lived in. I like to put down what I feel about a place at certain intervals, makes for an interesting read. With Beira for example. Month 1 loved it. Month 2 not so much. Month 4 Better than month 2. 🙂 Though the social circle thing, is something I need to work on. 🙂

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