Out of Office Reply – Wherefor are thou so distant?

The moment you shut down your PC or Laptop and get up knowing that “tomorrow I will taste freedom” (A temporary freedom, but freedom nonetheless). For 10 days I can (and will) forget that I have a job. For 10 precious days I will be with Raquel again! (I know you don’t care, but I do!) 

I’m quite excited about this trip for various reasons, the main one being the five-day to trip to Morocco which I’m planning. I know what you’re thinking… You spent almost three years in those countries, didn’t you see enough?? The answer is no! I love the ‘Arab’ world (pardon the overly generic word) and despite living in Libya for over a year, I never got to see the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco), even though it was an ambition to see them all during my stay in Libya.

Even better is that Raquel, having travelled even more extensively than I have, has never been to an ‘Arab’/Islamic country*, so it’s great that she will be able to see something different to what she is used to and somewhere both of us always wanted to go.

We will be spending the time mostly in Marrakech and even though I’m doing my research, I want to know from anyone who has been there, if they have any tips on what to do in the city and any secret cool places to see. Another blogger, Jess from Mike and Jess in Malta, has already given me some ideas with this post, but would like to know from more people.

Have you been to Marrakech? What tips do you have? What should I do? What shouldn´t I do? Any tips for couples travelling in the region?

For now, I shall wait for the moment I can switch on the out of office reply on my work email!

*I realise the majority of Moroccans are not Arab but Berber, however for simplicity it’s easier to refer to it an Arab

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