Lets get our Tagine on!!!

One thing Raquel and I were vaguely familiar with before going to Morocco was the cuisine. One of our favourite eateries in London is a small chain of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and North African  restaurants called Del Aziz. We spent countless evenings there indulging on the great food and atmosphere (not to mention they have shisha too!), therefore we had one great reason for looking forward to Morocco.

With this in mind, Raquel fell in love with the idea of the Moroccan cooking class offered by our riad. The cooking class the riad offered included the following: A trip to the souk to buy all the ingredients for the cooking class with our instuctor and ‘chef’ Aziza; The cooking class itself and finally you get to eat the food you prepared on the calm roof terrace of the riad.

The trip to the souk was fun as this was not the ‘tourist’ souk that we had frequenting. This was the nitty gritty local souk. The one where most people look at you with that ‘what-are-you-doing-here’ face. Raquel and I simply stuck close to Aziza and gave our smiling ‘Salaams’ to everyone while Aziza did the talking. Just a side note, as Aziza and Raquel were buying vegetables, I wandered to a neighbouring stall where the salemans offered me tea. Initially thinking it was mint tea, I accepted. The tea however, was not mint but some fusion of other ingredients and it was unbelievably good, so good in fact I bought a bag of tea.

Cooking class in action

With our ingredients bought, we carried them back to the riad and were told to come back just after lunch time to start our class. Raquel and I used the free time for our forray into buying our souvenir (as per our previous post).

We returned to start our class with Aziza. The class itself was very interactive and Aziza was absolutely great as an instructor and really made the class enjoyable. We spent about an hour and a half preparing and cooking our meal which consisted out of various starters (meze), our main dish, prune and lamb tagine and our desert.

Our own awesome (assisted) cooking

Later on the evening we had our dinner on the terrace of the riad. We were lucky that it was only us having dinner that night which meant we had the terrace to ourselves for a very nice and romantic dinner (Writing about it, makes me want to go back and do it again!)

Our romantic dinner

So, both Raquel and I highly recommend the cooking class at Riad Carina!

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