Photo of the Week: The Three Musketeers!

Remember the kitten from this post? Well, she and her brother have grown quickly in the last couple of weeks. The have received a lot of care and attention from the team on site and have become the mascots for the group of engineers working in the area. Every time I go on site I pass by to say hello and today was no different. As I was about to take a photo of the yellow kitten, the other decided that a Charlie’s Angels moment was needed and vuala we are left with this great photo of the kittens!

The three musketeers

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7 Responses to Photo of the Week: The Three Musketeers!

  1. leoneves says:

    Bag that shot and take it home Tony! You caught it perfectly!!
    You da man!!!

    • Tonito says:

      Like you always say… It was a simply luck. Thanks anyways!

      • leonevesphoto says:

        It was indeed luck. But you see there’s luck and there’s being at the right place and the right time and you need both.
        I find that the more pictures I take the luckier I start to get and that’s because as you get quicker and your eyes get used to anticipating a scene you’re more likely to capture that ‘decisive moment’ that Henri Cartier Bresson (look it up) always talked about.

  2. abdulekremma says:

    They are really nice little cats with lovely colors but this all came with your nice touch,mate. I hope next time you get a shot of a spider !!!

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