A fortunate series of events… In mama South Africa!

Last week Friday while eagerly awaiting the weekend, I was told that I needed to go to South Africa for a week for work. It wasn’t ideal timing as I had a lot to do in Beira, but sometimes, you simply can’t argue with superiors and going home for work is never that bad.

I won’t go into detail, but needless to say that I was quite busy during my stay, however there was something interesting about the experience: This was the first time that I actually worked in my field in South Africa. I’ve worked over summers in the family business, however that doesn’t count as you’re not quite independent. This was full on dealing with traffic in the morning and evening; quick lunches on the road; offices where South African English, Afrikaans and a multitude of African languages are the norm; Ricoffy prevails over espresso.

Who can complain about traffic with Johannesburg sunsets like these

It was an experience that made me think about what it would be like to live in South Africa again and work there permanently. Over a conversation with friends over dinner we spoke about how much we love the country and despite our need to travel and see the world, South Africa IS and ALWAYS will be our home!

This trip, unexpected as it was, brought up some brilliant little perks, the most obvious being meeting up with my family. Even better was that I arrived the day before my brother’s engagement party which meant it would be excellent opportunity to see the family and catch-up with the on-goings of the last four months in which I haven’t been home.

Yes he is my brother and Yes I know we don't look alike

Another perk, was being able to meet up with my friends, which I don’t get to do that often, even only if it for dinner. However, it’s always nice to just sit around a table, chat, exchange news and have fun. I obviously could not meet all of them, only the ones who live close to Johannesburg, but I’m not one to complain as something is better than nothing.

We've been friends for over 15 years...

Though, a great unexpected perk was being able to go to a concert I bought tickets for, but never intended to go to. Kings of Leon were supposed to have performed in South Africa in March and as a gift to my little brother, I bought him a couple of tickets so he could enjoy his favourite band (which incidentally I have seen already in Abu Dhabi). However KOL cancelled the March concert and set the date for this weekend, which meant that my little brother who has recently moved to London, would not be able to attend. As luck (and work) would have it, I ended up being in South Africa for the concert.

This being the first concert I’ve been to in over two years, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself with brother and the future sis in law! To anyone that is on the fence about Kings of Leon, I highly recommend watching them live as they sound even better than they do recorded! It was a real pity though, that my little brother could not be there as he would have loved the concert!

I’m back in Beira now, ready for another week of work, counting down the days until I see Raquel again!

Another morning at the airport

Have a good one folks!

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2 Responses to A fortunate series of events… In mama South Africa!

  1. leo says:

    How nice to go home for work! Thats almost happened to me like twice recently but it never went down! What i always keep finding is that life happens whether we’re there or not so it’s great to catch a snippet here and there!

    Great use of your ipod’s camera and you didnt overuse that miniature mode at alll 🙂

    The best camera in the world is the one you have with you!

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