The time an old lady told me to “F*ck off” from her country

I’m not sure if you have seen it, but there has been a video (click hereto see) circulating on the internet of a woman verbally abusing passengers on a tram in London. The jist of it was the woman complaining that everyone on the tram weren’t English. It was an attack on London’s multiculturalism.

A touchy issue

To me this is nothing new. It’s happened to me and my brother,  while we lived in London. Not once, but twice. The first time it was a similar tirade as in the video clip. A drunk ‘english’ woman started having a go at all the foreigners on a bus. Her arguments were pointless, toothless and typical of the small percentage of white english people who live off the welfare state and complain about the lack of jobs. Arguing with people like this, is pointless and despite two people on the bus confronting her racist view, she kept going. My brother and I simply got off the bus and waited for another.

Another episode was when my brother and I were walking along our main road where we lived when an old lady walking with a zimmer frame heard us speak Afrikaans, and hobbled up to us and simply said “F*cking Foreigners! F*ck off from England”. We both burst out laughing as there is nothing funnier than an old lady in a zimmer frame telling you to bugger off in french.

It’s a sign of what is to come. I’m not here to speak politics or migration as I’m not nearly smart enough to that, though for me London’s multi-culturism is one of its greatest assets and was one of the few things I loved about the city. Clearly people don’t share that few. Pity.

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6 Responses to The time an old lady told me to “F*ck off” from her country

  1. abdulekremma says:

    Amigo, I know this is too far from what this video about that I’ve seen it last week for about 10 times and I really liked her accent and the way she used that beautiful word F and yet she’s beautiful too, LoL!!!!
    Well, as you know I have never been in UK or any but seriously I’ve never heard that there’re people still thinking or having like these thoughts. I think we are in the 21st century,aren’t we?

  2. leonevesphoto says:

    I’m going to start by saying that I don’t share this lady’s sentiments and anyone who knows me will be very confident of that. Besides I’m sure as heck not English and I’d love a chance to live in London one day.
    We’ve got to reserve judgement though as we have to realize that we are in tough and confusing times. The global ecomomy was doing well for many years and now there’s all of this unemployment and recession. The human reaction is to look around and try to make sense of that and with the amount of information and technology and the many cultures we’re bombarded with these days I can follow her reasoning to concluding that part of this recession is caused by the influx of immigration even though I wouldn’t reach that conclusion myself. And after a hard day–we don’t know what that lady had been through, what if she’d just lost her job as the single supporter of the family– we’re tired and we want releif.
    The point is that though it’s very shocking to see that reaction expressed and yeah we have to try to educate and open people’s minds, that it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re dealing with bad people. Just possibly people who haven’t learned to cope with the world changing around them. Unchecked this inability to cope really does grow into events like the holocaust and apartheid which is why we reach out, teach, and communicate.

    All I’m saying is I personally can’t judge that woman.

    • Tonito says:

      Leo, had I never lived in London I could understand and accept what you are saying. But I lived there. I know how these people are. I seen families who have been living on social benefits from the state for THREE! generations… These are people who have never worked a day in their lives and then have the nerve to say black, Indian, Polish etc are stealing their jobs. I spent a year working in London, paying my taxes and not once did I have an outburst on train or bus, shouting at English (or ‘foreign’) benefit cheats. I’m sorry. I think it’s inexcusable!

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