I got 99 problems but the beach ain’t one – Savane Beach

When I moved to Libya I was determined to see as much as I could with my very limiting one day weekend. So much so that within my first six months in the country I had already been camping in the Sahara twice, visited most of the Roman ruins close to Tripoli and most of the Berber attraction in Western Libya (for more click on the Libya link in the sidebar).

Rio Savane

I’ve been six months in Mozambique and had only two trips to my name. A visit to Gorongosa National Park and a road trip to Zimbabwe. I’m ashamed of myself for not making more of an effort but there are a variety of reasons why I didn’t do more.

One of the most shocking things though was that in six months in the country, I still hadn’t gone to the beach (to do beach things like swim etc). Though there is a good reason for that. The beach in Beira is not only slightly dirty but also the water is very silty due to it’s location at a river mouth. Therefore any decent beach is dozens of kilometers away with the most frequented being Rio Savane.

Rio Savane is around 40Km from Beira. It’s a rustic budget resort nestled between the Savane River and the Indian Ocean. It’s nothing fancy, just a couple thatched roof bungalows and a very simple restaurant. Getting there is half the fun as you have to take what feels like a never ending dirt track until the Savane River. Here you cross on a little motor boat wich at times looked like it was completely overloaded, over to the beach ‘resort’ itself.

The road to Savane

This trip was not organised by me, but by one of my colleagues. I was more than happy to hand over the organizing duties to someone else especially since the Zimbabwe trip. A car picked us up and took us to the river where we then cross by boat. All of the this took almost two hours, as the road itself is in a really bad state and if you don’t have a 4×4 it makes for hard going.

Once we arrived we simply took a shower in sunscreen (we are three very pale fellows who easily disguise ourselves in the white sands of the beach) and headed for the beach. It was a good couple of hours in the beach with some good conversation.

Rio Savane 'Resort'

We had a good lunch of prawns in the ‘resort’ restaurant and quenched our thirst before heading back to the beach for some more beach and sea relaxation. Before we knew it, it was four o’clock and time to leave again.

My colleagues and I

Despite my sunscreen shower, I still managed to get sunburn. The perils of being pale. All in all it was a good weekend, which consisted of doing something other than heading to the restaurant with a book. This was also my penultimate weekend in Beira before I leave for an extended holiday and some training for my next project in Beira.

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