Beira, you fickle city, I shall see you soon.

Tonight is my last evening in Beira for a while. I’m on my way to South Africa, where I will spend christmas with my family. I then fly to London and onwards to Norway where I will spend my birthday and new years chasing the Northern Lights with Raquel.

Once we return from Norway, I will stay in London for the entire month of January. To say I’m happy to be spending the entire month with Raquel is the understatement of the year! It will definitely be great to be normal couple again and not depend on skype. It will also help as it will give me some time to dedicate to the wedding plans, which despite my input has been mostly been done by Raquel.

February will see me return to work in the form of training for the position I’ll be taking in my next project in Beira. The location of this training is still unknown, but the likely options are Brazil, Portugal or the Emirates, which in any of the cases will be good!

Then in March, I will most likely return to Beira to start the new project, so I bid Beira adieu for now, but as the Terminator said so eloquently “I’ll be back!” and when I return I shall do so, with a much better attitude to explore her hidden wonders! (Is it just me or did that just sounds ‘dirty’?)

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