The time I spent my birthday on the most scenic train ride in the World – Oslo to Bergen

I have a habit of always choosing really odd days and ways to travel. Either I put together a crazy itinerary that takes me from Guatemala to Dubai in the space of 24 hours or I decide to meet the in laws after 15 hours of flying. This time I decided to fly to Norway from London after an eleven hour flight from South Africa with a seven hour layover in which I had to go to Raquel’s house, change clothes, unpack, repack and head to another airport.  Always easy. Always simple!

To cut a not so long and not so exciting story short we arrived in Oslo quite late on the 28th of December and checked into our hotel, found a quick bite to eat and collapsed from tiredness. We also knew the next day was going to be a long day as we had the almost eight-hour Oslo to Bergen train ride ahead and adding to that, it would be my 28th birthday.

The lonely planet described this journey as “one of the world’s most beautiful rail journeys”, so both of us were quite excited as we love train rides. Raquel had the experience of doing some rail journeys in India while the last decent rail journey I did was in Peru and despite the massive differences, we both loved it.

Comforts of the journey

The next morning we made our way to the train station where we caught our train which would take us through the forests of southern Norway, to the snowy Hardangervidda plateau filled with mirror-like lakes and fjords and finally ending the pretty city of Bergen.

Southern Norway

The journey certainly lived up to the high expectations the internet and Lonely Planet set. The picturesque landscapes seen from the warm, comfortable and free-internet possessing train (conversation with both sets of parents from a moving train is quite something) made the journey one which I wouldn’t mind repeating.

The Handangervidda Plateau

After a birthday last year spent with colleagues and friends in Libya, this was the next level of specialness as I got to spend it with the most important person in my life looking at some of the most amazing postcard landscapes both of us have had privilege of seeing. Add to that, I turned 28 in the 28thcountry I’ve visited; I can say it was a pretty special birthday.

Bergen: Our final destination

For more photos go to Travelling Tonito’s Facebook page
One way tickets from Oslo to Bergen on the NSB website : 798 NKR ( € 104) for two people.
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4 Responses to The time I spent my birthday on the most scenic train ride in the World – Oslo to Bergen

  1. manenomatamu says:

    And to say I thought Egypt was feezing cold at this time of the year…

  2. xandimusic says:

    great photos, very good!! Posted your Suggestion today, unbelievable nice!!

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