The time I spent New Years docked at the Codfish capital of Norway

Our final moments of 2011 and first moments of 2012 were spent on board the MS Vesteralen docked at the city of Kristiansund. Despite the abandoned feel of the town, there clearly residents about as there was fireworks shooting up from everywhere in the town.

New Years from MS Vesteralen

On board, the handed out bubbly wine and sparklers while every waited out on the freezing deck of the ship. The moment we entered 2012, all docked ships started blowing their horns and the cacophony of fireworks started while everyone on board waved their sparklers, sipped their bubbly wine and wished each other a happy new year.

It was nothing fancy but it was a different way to start the New Year. For both Raquel and I it marked the fourth different place we’ve welcomed a new year in four consecutive years and of those four we spent three of them together, the first as recent acquaintances, the second as a couple and the third engaged. How things change in the space of 3 years…

New Years on MS Vesteralen

2009: Tony – South Africa; Raquel – Portugal

2010: Tony & Raquel – Madeira

2011: Tony & Raquel – London

2012: Tony & Raquel – Norway

I wasn’t able to write my summary of 2011 and I’m currently still busy with that and will post it soon, when I’m done with the posts on Norway.

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