Just another month in London

Since coming back from Norway, I’ve been in London with Raquel enjoying the time off and awaiting news of when I’m to go to Brazil, or where ever the company training I will be doing is suppose to be held. I can’t really complain as it means I get to spend more time than I expected with Raquel here in London, which as I’ve always said, is not my favourite city in the world, however I do enjoy this city sometimes and have admit that (in the right lighting) it’s a beautiful city.

London by day

The month I’ve been here has been spent getting ourselves for the wedding. Tips to anyone thinking of getting married, do not try and organise a wedding remotely. It’s not easy. Not at all easy! However due our organisational skills and a lot of help from Raquel’s parents, we have been able to get most of the important things organised.

Apart from wedding organisation (including a weekend trip to Portugal), we haven’t really done too much. Mostly keeping up with friends, walking around this stunning city (there has been a lot of sunshine which is always welcome here!) and we did manage to go to the Cirque de Soleil (Mind blowing and worth a visit if you can!)

London at night

I haven’t posted too much, but plan on doing some photo walks with friends later this week, so watch out for that. (The pictures in this post was taken with my phone).

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