The snow that brings London to a standstill

For anyone from Africa, snow usually is some mystical thing we only ever see in movies and Alaskan wildlife documentaries and not something we ever think we will experience. That is until we move from South Africa to London. Our winters are spent excitingly looking at BBC Weather to catch a wiff of possible snow. Then “Snow Day” finally arrives and all hell breaks loose… Icy roads causing accidents; Heathrow becomes the most restive airport in the world due to cancelled flights; Trains no longer know how to run. Yes a sprinkling of snow brings this extraordinary city to a standstill.

The Snowy streets of Southwark

However, for the millions of people in London rarely get to see this city covered in white, for that one day, they don’t mind being stuck at home snuggled up at home looking at the white covered everything from the window. She is already a beautiful city, but when she put on her white dress, she is truly resplendent!

Hope those in the UK enjoyed snow day! (My thoughts though to the people who passed on in contentintal Europe due to the below average temperatures!)

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6 Responses to The snow that brings London to a standstill

  1. Umer says:

    We do love a bit of snow! Did you like my

  2. Helga says:

    Serious amusement had watching people arrive in at Gatwick wearing shorts and flipflops only to look complety confused by it all. Obviously all the good guide books show England to be tropical in February.

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