Piering into the English seaside city of Brighton

Years ago I was looking through old photo albums and stumbled upon a photo of my mom by a pebble beach in the UK. I was curious as I had not seen pebble beaches before and asked my mom about it. Her response was “That was in Brighton! I used to love Brighton beach!” For me it was interesting to find out something about my mom’s teenage years and always said I should make an effort of going there, but in my six and a half years in the UK, I never made any attempt whatsoever to go there.

Now, there’s a Raquel in life and I have the will and interest to explore more of the UK. Add to that, Raquel has mentioned doing a day trip to Brighton for a while now and considering she had a bit of rough week, we decided to make our down to the coast for the day, simply to get out of the city! To be honest, I don’t know why we haven’t done this sooner, as it is only an hour out of London and the tickets are cheap (£20 return).

There are only two things I knew about Brighton: The first being that is famous for its pier and being a popular seaside town; The second for being the city where IRA (Irish Republican Army) tried to assassinate Margret Thatcher by bombing the hotel she was staying at. However on the train ride down to Brighton I found out that it also home to the Royal Pavilion, a former Royal residence

Once we arrived in Brighton, we headed straight to the Royal Pavilion and spent a good while in there, however I will write a separate post about it. From here went straight to Brighton’s biggest pull, its seafront and the famous Brighton Pier.

Brighton Pier

The pier is filled with arcades, games, rollercoasters, fish and chips kiosks, games etc. It’s practically an amusement park on the sea. I enjoyed the pier, as there is something nostalgic about it and made me drift back to my childhood. However there is one thing that made me slightly uncomfortable: They had had gambling mixed in with games for children, which doesn’t really set a great example.

More of Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier Arcade

The view on either side of the pier towards to the city is not bad as well and I imagine the view from Brighton’s newly constructed ferris wheel is quite something as well. With our Brighton pier fix complete, we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Both of us had not had Vietnamese before. I didn’t enjoy it. Raquel did.

The views from Brighton Pier

Lunch was followed by a relaxing stroll along the promenade past two more of Brighton’s famous monuments: The Grand Hotel, which was bombed by the IRA in attempt to assassinate then Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and her cabinet. The hotel looks like something more fitting of Monaco, then Brighton. The other monument is the skeleton of the burned down and abandoned West Pier. With sun setting, it made for quite a dramatic scene, however it still doesn’t beat an African sunset.

Some buildings along the seafront

West Pier

One thing Raquel and I noticed was the abundance of, well, odd characters all around the city. Our favourites seemed to have gathered close to the West Pier, with Mister Leopard print trousers being our top pick!

Odd Balls in Brighton

It was a great day out, which I would recommend to anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Brighton Pier

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6 Responses to Piering into the English seaside city of Brighton

  1. manenomatamu says:

    Well, what does beat an African sunset, I ask you? No no I’m not biased at all 😀

  2. andyo1976 says:

    Glad you enjoyed your Brighton visit, your pictures are really good and your description of your visit was great. The Brighton Pier used to be called the Palace Pier, which had a lower level gantry all the way around the end of the Pier for fishing, this could be quite wild in bad weather. The Skeleton Pier / West Pier used to be lovely to go as well back in the day…

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks for comment! The lower gantry around it sounds interesting! It’s a pity the West Pier is and has not been in use or redone as it would have added to Brighton’s seafront!

  3. leonevesphoto says:

    I’m not sure about your African sunsets either but I’ve seen some Caribbean sunsets that’ll surely give the former a run for it’s money!

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