Making love to the camera!

Two weekends ago Raquel and I went to Portugal to sort out some more wedding preparations (wedding organization certainly isn’t easy, especially if done remotely!). One of the things which we decided to get out of the way during that trip was our engagement photo session. Even though the weather didn’t hold up for too long we ended up taking some photos in a forest-like area on Lisbon’s southern bank. This was an interesting experience as both of us never did anything similar, so took a while to get into it, but the result have been quite cool as you can see below:

If you are planning a wedding in Portugal and are looking for a photographer, we highly recommend Fabio Azanha (click for website).

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6 Responses to Making love to the camera!

  1. Eva Calado says:

    Wow!! Loved it!! ❤

  2. manenomatamu says:

    This album looks fabulous! Thanks for spreading the love 😉

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