The time a tourist responded to my “Do you need help?” with “Sh*t!”

I like accents. I fell in love with accents the first time I flew to London when I was 10 and the airhostess came up to me and said “Tay or coffay?” (Tea or coffee). From that day onwards I wanted to do accents all the time. During high school I was well known for my slightly effeminate British accent and my American surfer accent. As time went by, I was able to do a couple of accents quite well and now, I’ve tried my hand at a new game: Guess the country by the accent. I’m pretty good at it!

Obviously some accents stand out more than others and having worked in a Brazilian company for the last three years and a bit, I can hear the accent a mile away! So a couple of weeks ago, my brother and I were a walking along the South Bank, when we were approached by three people and the one in front went:

“My frendge. Can you tew me, where is the station?”

I immediately realized they were Brazilian and smilingly responded:

“Para onde querem ir?” (Where do you want to go)

To which his response was:

“Ue… Fudeu! Meu Ingles ‘e assim tao ruim?” (Oh shit! Is my English that bad!)

I laughed and explained that I recognized the accent and thought it might just be easier to help in Portuguese. That reaction was already funny, but it was happened after this that made me laughed even more. They were in a bit of a dilemma… They wanted to walk further on in order to find a train station however the map they had ended at the point where they were standing and they were extremely hesitant in going beyond that point as “if there map doesn’t even show it, it can’t be worth heading in that direction!”.

I burst out laughing as the way he explained this was hilarious!

“Man, my map ends here! Right here! According to this, there’s nothing past this point, but I see a lot more! There are more buildings! There could be another station but, I don’t feel like I should distrust the map… It is a map, man! Usually they are good!”

My brother and laughed for a good while about this and definitely made our day! If you are not sure what the Brazilian accent sounds like, here is a video of former South African football manager Joel Santana (who is Brazilian!)


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2 Responses to The time a tourist responded to my “Do you need help?” with “Sh*t!”

  1. ekremma says:

    Yea you’re pretty good with accents, especially the Indians when speak English, I like that !

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