The time my girlfriend thought I was her Gay Best Friend

I am usually the person who plays pranks on people, albeit phone pranks due to my array of accents. On the other hand, I’m rarely pranked on and I’m not sure why. I know I’m not very gullible, but still I think it could be quite easy prank me (please don’t get any ideas). Which is why this post is about a prank and not just an ordinary prank, but a prank that me realize I was falling in love; a prank that kick started a romance which is ending up in a marriage; worst of all, a prank, I never thought I’d fall far…

Before Raquel and I officially kind of came out to each other and shared our liking of one another, we spent a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of time chatting online. Initially, I wanted to make sure that she was adjusting to London, but the more we spoke, the more interesting I found her (Remember I had met her before).

It was becoming pretty obvious that I was interested in her and her with me, as we both spent hours chatting, occasionally at work and more often than not after work. However, I am extraordinarily slow when it comes to women and takes me a millennia before I actually come out with my feelings, so there is always this “I like you and you like me” in the air, but it’s never spoken.

Then one day, we were chatting away when our conversation ended up like this:

Raquel  : It’s so nice to be able to talk to someone, like I talk to you, it’s a real pity that you are gay.

Tonito   : UH? What? Gay? I’m not gay! Why on earth would you think I was gay?

[I thought that she was either playing with me or I was not understanding what she was saying properly]

Raquel  : Well, Ricky said that you were.

Tonito   : HE SAID THAT?!?

[I was now breathing fire and looking for his number on the phone!]

Raquel  : Yes, he said you were gay. Tonito, I’m fine with it, don’t worry. You’ve become like a “girl friend” to me.

Tonito   : But I’m not gay. Far from it! I’m straight! Very Straight!

[Yet I still didn’t find the courage to tell her explicitly I liked her]

Raquel  : Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.

Tonito   : No, you don’t understand! I’m not gay! Seriously! I really can’t believe you’ve thought I was gay all this time!

Raquel  : Come on, Tonito. All you have to do is look at you to know you are gay!

Tonito   : WHAT?!?!

[I was seriously not amused at this point, not only did a girl I like tell me I’m gay, but she was also telling me I was OBVIOUSLY gay! I was already on the phone in order to throw all manner of ‘french’ in his direction and his misinformation!]

Raquel  : Oh my God! You’re not gay?!

Tonito   : NO!

Raquel  : Oh my God! I’m so embarrassed!!!

Tonito   : Well you should be! Listen, I have to go! Lets discuss this later!

I had a dinner I needed to get to, but I was in pieces… This girl I then realized I was falling in love with, was telling me I was gay. I was furious at my friend and wanted explanations, alas could not get through to him! So I tried the next best thing and emailed his sister (who knows all involved parties) from my phone on the way to the dinner! Her response was simply “Don’t be stupid! She knows you are not gay! She’s obviously playing with you!”

So I decided to wait until I got home to speak to Raquel on Skype and find out what the deal was. Well, suffice to say when we Skype call connected I could hear Raquel laughing in the background and realized I had been had, big time!

However this episode also meant that we opened up to each other and shared our feelings for each other and now many months later, we are engaged and completely smitten with each other! So the lesson for the day is: Sometimes practical jokes can be very very useful!

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4 Responses to The time my girlfriend thought I was her Gay Best Friend

  1. Sandylashxx says:

    Awwwwwwwwww this post made me laugh, “awwww” a lot and feel all soft for you couz… awwwwwwww

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