Bangkok Dangerous: It’s only dangerous when you let Tonito decide when to cross roads!

I was living in Abu Dhabi and was constantly looking for places to see and visit. I had been to Oman and Lebanon earlier in the year, but decided I needed to go somewhere I knew people and had friends. A fortuitous chat with my friend Sensationally Smelling Sam got me thinking about visiting Bangkok for a weekend. As if by some divine intervention, my friend Adventure pants Leo, who was living and working in Southern Thailand, popped up in my chat window. This was a sign. I was meant to go to Bangkok! With no further ado, I booked my flights with some air miles I had lying around, and booked myself into a hostel.

The gritty streets of Silom, where I was staying

 Well, I decided I’m not going to write much about Bangkok, because, frankly, I can’t remember much (That does not mean I was inebriated!). This was almost 3 years ago and remembering detail from three years ago is not easy. What I will say is that I enjoyed Bangkok, as I got to see it more from a local perspective. Sam was brilliant in taking us to great local restaurants and clubs, where we were mostly the only foreigners.

A night out with the locals

Leo and I mostly did the exploring on our own, visiting places like Jim Thompson’s house: A museum by an American businessman built from Thai structures collected from all across the country.

Jim Thompson's House

Another one of the attractions is the famous Grand Palace, the official residence of the King of Thailand, though the current king resides at another palace.

The Grand Palace

However I think one of the highlights for Leo and me was inadvertently stumbling upon the ordination of a Buddhist Monk. We were walking back from visiting Khao San Road, when we heard some chanting. So we headed in the direction of chanting and ended up in a temple where we saw a small gathering of people. We didn’t realize what was going on until Sam told us, that we were witnessing a monk ordination.  Both Leo and I, were left silent, and didn’t even take out our cameras out of respect for the this celebration.

Yes, I missed out on some other attractions like the floating market, but to be honest the point of this trip was to hang out with good friends in a different city. Bangkok despite not being a very beautiful city, has a soul, a rugged personality imprinted to its concrete blocks in the shopping district and that is something I always like!

Street Art in Bangkok

By the way, the hostel I stayed at, Lub D in Silom was by far the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at. It was clean, cool, funky, awesome and cheap, all in one go! I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Bangkok!

PS. Regarding the name of this post, Leo named his album this on Facebook as he felt I was slightly to reckless in crossing the roads 🙂

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4 Responses to Bangkok Dangerous: It’s only dangerous when you let Tonito decide when to cross roads!

  1. I actually did steal one photo of the ceremony. It is in my header!

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