Cambridge: The city where no one can walk on grass!

Last weekend Raquel and I decided to escape London and take advantage of the sunny weather with a day trip to Cambridge. I am once again reminded of my foolishness of living in this country and never once making the effort of going to Cambridge.

Getting to the city is easy enough with a tube ride to Kings Cross Station and then an hour on the train to Cambridge’s rail station; this for a mere £20 per person. Considering the sunny weather we were having, we decided our typical “aimlessly walk about until you find something interesting” approach to tourism, however, hunger trumps tourism and made way for the first pub we could find for some pub grub!

Snapshots from Cambridge

With full stomachs we took on Cambridge and headed towards the city centre and our first taste of some of the beautiful colleges due to, well, a wedding. As we passed Emmanuel College we noticed loads of dressed up people and a snazzy car, so we took a peak in order to see what was happening and by chance discovered the beautifully maintained lawn of the Master’s Lodge.

Emmanuel College

One of the curiosities of the city is that every area of grass almost always comes with keep off the grass sign which I found odd, as for me grass is for walking on, but that’s just me.

The chapel at Trinity College

Some more of Trinity College

From here we carried on to the city centre where you will find most of the colleges Cambridge is famous for; King’s, Trinity, Queens and St John’s among others. We walked around for a good while until settling down in the sun for our usual chats and some people watching.

Our people watching

Our last activity of the day was a punting tour along the river Cam, which allows to see the hidden from public areas of the Cambridge’s colleges. Unfortunately our touring partners were six infantile Spaniards who could not keep quite throughout the whole tour. Two East Asian tourists who didn’t even allow the previous tour to get off the punt as they stormed on for the best seats.

Snapshots from punting on the river Cam

Our Hungarian guide ended up just giving the tour to Raquel and me as we were the only ones really listening to him as everyone else on the punt seemed to be too interested in chatting to each other or simply ignoring the guide. The tour was a great way to see the inaccessible sites of the colleges in a very relaxing way.

More Snapshots from punting

The end of the punting tour also signaled the end to our highly enjoyable day in the university city of Cambridge.

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4 Responses to Cambridge: The city where no one can walk on grass!

  1. Umer! says:

    Glad you got there in the end, buddy!

  2. Cambridge is one of my favourite walks. Here is a walk around the city published by iFootpath.

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