Adeus Beira! Allô Conakry! Another African adventure awaits…

It’s been in the works for a while now, but its official now. I’ll be moving to Conakry, Guinea within a couple of weeks to start another project with my company. After last year in Southern Africa, and the year before in North Africa, I now make my way towards West Africa. It is an unknown beast for me as I have not even been in this region as a tourist, but a challenge is a challenge and I accept it!

I remember when I finished university, thinking that when I start working, I wanted a job which would allow me to travel. Well, clearly some dreams come true as this is the fourth different assignment and country I’ll work in with this company. Fair enough, some of the locations aren’t expat heaven, but I prefer it this way.

My trajectory in life

There are a few positive things to look forward to in this project. First of all, professionally, this is going to be a new and great challenge as I’ll be taking on a position with more responsibility, which is something I look forward to. Also considering my last project was so difficult and at times very unfulfilling, I like that this project is like a new beginning; I’m wiping my slate clean.

Also, in Guinea I will be reunited with some of my colleagues and friends that I haven’t seen since leaving Libya. It will definitely be great to move to a project where the faces are familiar and standing friendships can be continued.

Furthermore, there is an added bonus with moving to Guinea: My friend Adventure Pants Leo, who I met in Istanbul and got me the interview with this company, is moving there as well. Despite us having met in six different countries, we never worked in the same one or project, which makes this project even more exciting knowing that I already have one of my best friends there.

However there is a downside to this move… A big downside. I will be separated from Raquel again, and from past experience, this is not something I’m looking forward to. We’ve been spending so much time together (since end of December until now), that it becomes hard to imagine everyday life without her.

It will be extremely tough to readjust to life ‘on my own’ and it’s disheartening to know we won’t be together for two months at a time, however at this point, it’s a necessary evil. However, there is a possibility that Raquel could join me, so there is a glimmer of hope for us to be together for longer than ten days at a time. I honestly hope lady luck is on our side this time.

For now, I have visa processes, vaccinations and medicals to look forward to… Oh and a weekend in Edinburgh!

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9 Responses to Adeus Beira! Allô Conakry! Another African adventure awaits…

  1. Congratulations!

    A new move is always so exciting and inspiring! (We’re currently on the edge of signing our own deal!) Best of luck as you make your way to Guinea!

  2. sounds very exciting! good luck on the new chapter of your life!

  3. manenomatamu says:

    I’m really excited for you ! All the best with the preparations and the settling process.

    I am considering a big move as well, though not to the other end of the continent.

  4. manenomatamu says:

    Oh, and if you can read French already, do check out this blog:

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