Those times I’ve been poked, pricked and proded, just for a job!

The process of going to a new country for work can be an experience depending what you have to go through. I’ve been lucky that for the most part, these experiences for me haven’t been the worst and have usually gone through quite smoothly (Libya being the exception to the rule).

Medicals or the semblance of one is the norm too. In Abu Dhabi I was herded with dozens and dozens of South Asians from one doctor to another for X-Rays, and blood samples. In Libya, the same routine was applied, with slightly less rigour (I have an x-ray where my electronic pass card shows up as the assistant forgot to tell me to take of me shirt).

In Mozambique, I had a medical on my first day of work. Not the simple x-ray and blood sample kind, but the full monty! Everything was checked: my eyes, ears, throat (not with those fancy little light gadgets, but with a massive flash light!), etc. I even had the enormous pleasure of having to pee and poo in cup so that they could check whether I was full of shit! (See what I did there? I know, horrible joke!). So this was so much fun, I did another one when I left the project too!

For Guinea, the medicals were required before leaving, so I’ve had to do the peeing and pooing in cups in London. It’s even better when the doctor asking you to do so is German and asks it in that very stiff way: “Hallo. I need you to urinate and defecate in zees containers.”

Now, if peeing and pooing into container isn’t enough, then you can always be pricked several times on the arm so that you don’t die from Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Typoid, Rabies and God know what else. In total I’ve had seven shots, but hey at least I won’t get yellow fever!

Some proof of my vaccination trails

With the medical and vaccinations out of the way, now I only wait for my passport to arrive from Portugal (containing my visa) and then I’m off to Guinea.

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2 Responses to Those times I’ve been poked, pricked and proded, just for a job!

  1. Sandylashxx says:

    better you than me! wahahaha

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