The Sahara came to London for one night only!

Yesterday, the memories of my various camping trips to the Sahara came rushing back as I attended a concert of band I became aware of in 2008 and have loved ever since! It’s been a long time coming but yesterday I finally saw the Malian Tuaregs called Tinariwen and I was not disappointed! Their music, their onstage presence and their dyanimcs were beyond anything I’ve seen (Well, Steve Tyler, might have something to say about that). Even though I only had my iPhone with me, I took some photos so enjoy and watch the video to hear some of the music!

Tinariwen in action

Check out the video for the single from their album Tassili:

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5 Responses to The Sahara came to London for one night only!

  1. ekremma says:

    So it was live concert, lucky you bro ! I have contacted & invited them to play on Lepcis’s stage & still waiting their reply.

  2. They are really great! their music is awesome!

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