Conakry… One week later, pink mosquito nets and all!

So I’ve been a week in Conakry already and well, I can’t say that things have gone too badly and in general the experience has been quite positive so far, despite the realization that I’m back in real Africa; the Africa where power cuts are common, you can’t drink tap water and the internet is quite slow (hold on, that sounds like South Africa…).

So what are the positives so far?  Well, work is definitely one of them, firstly and mainly because after a four-month hiatus, I’m working again! Not only working again but also working in an area and department I really enjoy, which beats what I was doing in Beira. This is very important to me on these assignments, as I’ve from Beira, that if you don’t enjoy work, it will bring your morale down to anything else.

Well, as always with my company, the accommodation is great. Our staff house is an apartment block complete with pool, gym, football pitch (in construction) and good quality accommodation. Furthermore the food provided is not bad at all, considering the horrible food we were given on site.

Some snapshots of the area where I live

Also, we have an expat club quite close to the staff house where we can chill out have a drink with other expats in the area. The club has just opened and is looking to incorporate some activities, which is something to look forward to.

Then there is the pink mosquito net… I fall asleep and wake up feeling like I’m stuck in some pink net of horrors until I realize it’s for my own protection.

My pink sleeping prison

However, as always with these assignments, there is own massive downside to be here and it is simple: I’m not with Raquel and this is heart wrenching! As much as I enjoy the work, the colleagues, the place and the people, I cannot stand being away from Raquel and it is not something that gets better with time as I learnt the hard way in Mozambique.

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