Sharing South Africa with the World: A tribute to Expat bloggers in South Africa

**I shall digress from blogging on Conakry for a little in order to give a shout-out to some fellow bloggers!**

Blogging is not only an outlet for things in your head and things you see, but it introduces you (whether you like it or not) to a world of bloggers out there. My blog started as personal diary project sharing my experience of living in Libya with family and friends; then morphed into a blog to share what Libya had to offer with the world; to some sort of travel blog etc.

However, suddenly I started receiving traffic from people who wanted to move to Libya but weren’t sure what to expect as there was so little information about Libya on the web. This created a community of expat bloggers in Libya who shared their experiences with anyone interested. It was being part of this community that one day become aware of a similar community in South Africa.

I discovered a community of expat bloggers sharing their experience of the country I love with the world. These were bloggers who share the good, the bad and the ugly of the country and I see them as a great resource for people considering moving to South Africa.

However what I fell in love with the most was that these expat bloggers were doing what I was doing in other countries, apart from my own: Exploring and being curious about people, places and things!

During my eighteen years in South Africa I was paralyzed by fear to explore beyond the borders of white suburban life. I left South Africa knowing very little about my own country. Despite wanting to see more of my country this was always limited to what I thought was safe to do. It is this group of bloggers I follow that are giving a renewed appetite to see my own my country behind the façade of tourism and white suburban life. They are showing what my country is really like, ten years after I left to study, work and explore the rest of the world.

Each one of the bloggers I will share here attempt to explore South Africa and it’s culture be it through photography, trips, stories and tips about the country. This post is a shout-out to 2Summers, Joburg Expat, Story of Bing, Home away from Home and Martina in Jozi who have become my window back to the country I love! Thank you girls (they all happen to be women!)

Please do check out their blogs if you are curious about South Africa and everything this amazing country has to offer!

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8 Responses to Sharing South Africa with the World: A tribute to Expat bloggers in South Africa

  1. Jay says:

    Your blog story sounds very similar to how mine has progressed and I too love the community of bloggers. I’ve been following A Home Away From Home for quite some time and love Jenna and have recently found Story of Bing but I’ll most definitely check out the others as well!

    • Tonito says:

      Do you what it is about these bloggers that have captivated me? Their willingness to go out and explore South Africa. Through them I’m finally seeing the South Africa that I don’t see when I’m home! Check out all of them Jay, they are worth the read!!

  2. Jenna says:

    Wow, thank you so much for the shout out! Isn’t it funny how ex-pats tend to know a country better than most of the locals? Since I’m dating a South African when we first moved to Jo’burg I didn’t do hardly as much because it just seemed so normal and routine to us. It wasn’t until I became friends with 2Summers, Bing, and Martina that I realized how much jo’burg had to offer! Now I consciously try and seek these things out and my time here has been so so enriched by it.

    If you ever make it back, please get in touch with me. I would really love to meet up over a cup of coffee. 🙂


    • Tonito says:

      No problem! I just love that I’m seeing South Africa and Joburg like I’ve never seen before and for that I’m grateful! Well I might be in South Africa sooner than I expect so will let you know! Will be good to meet another blogger as I don’t often meet the people who I talk to through the blog! Cheers! Tonito

  3. 2summers says:

    I’m embarrassed that I didn’t see this post until now. I was in Swaziland the weekend that you published it so I guess I got behind on my reading and wound up missing it. Anyway, thank you so much for writing such a nice post about me and my friends.

    • Tonito says:

      No, thank YOU! You’re blogs are all great and I honestly wanted to share that those who read mine as all of you provide great insight (and photos) of South Africa and beyond! 🙂

  4. Sine says:

    Hi Tonito, thanks so much for the shout out! I’m glad 2Summers told me about it as I had missed it. I feel the same as you about my home country – Germany. People will tell me of places they’ve visited and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I was recently asked to write some expat articles for another website, and feel competent offering all sorts of good advice on living in South Africa, but when I was then asked to do the same for Germany or the U.S.,I didn’t feel so sure at all, because I had never seen life there through the expat lens. I’m glad you enjoy seeing your country through our “expat lens”.

    • Tonito says:

      I have the same feeling when people ask me about the South Africa as I don’t know what to tell them about moving to SA. But thank YOU for the great blog and keeping me up to date with South Africa! 🙂

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