Please don’t stop the Music! West Africa and its Musical Legacy!

West Africa for me is synonymous with great music, even though my West African music education is limited, names like Ali Farka Toure, Amadou et Mariam, Salif Keita and Tinariwen come to mind (though these are all Malian). The possible musical education and journey was one of the things which excited me about coming to Guinea and one the things that excited me about coming to Guinea was the possibility to experience this music first hand.

Well my first experience of a music concert didn’t go as planned due to our difficulty to get in to the arena (click here to read more about that), alas the concert wasn’t any local music either but reggae from quite a famous artist in Guinea. However I will keep looking out for concerts and events.

For those interested, here is a selection of my favourite artists from the region (mostly Mali) however if you are interested in African music you always check out World Music – A Music Journey a blog I subscribe to and shares music from all over the world but they do have a section for Africa, so check it out and enjoy!

Here is my personal collection of West African musician which I follow and love:

Amadou et Mariam

The blind couple who performed at the South African World Cup Concert and have a large following in the world music scene and have collaborated with some international musicians.

Ali Farka Toure

The grand daddy of West African Music and famous guitarist who passed away in 2006 but his musical legacy is continued by his son Veaiux.


The Tuareg band which I wrote about in this post and creators of the desert blues genre.

Damian and Mali Music

A project by Damian Alburn from Blur with musicians from Mali, whose interest in the region is well known and includes producing one of Amadou and Mariam’s albums.

Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara

A project by British Guitarist, Justin Adams and Gambian Musician, Juldeh Camara where the fusion of modern rock fused with traditional instruments from Africa to give a refreshing take on African Music.

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