Papa is a Rolling Stone!

Today is Father’s Day in South Africa and considering that I wrote a post for my mom on Mother’s Day, it’s only fair that my dad gets a shout out as well. As with any two people who have similar personalities, we have our arguments and we don’t always agree (and insist on agreeing to disagree!) but my dad, is, and shall remain my greatest role model. My dad’s work ethic serves as an example to me and I strive to do what does.Furthermore, in this year, the year that I get married and start a life with the woman I love, my dad’s relationship with my mom is also an example of  what a husband should be. So this is a shout-out to the old man, who has made me the person I am today!

Dad always has something to say!

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4 Responses to Papa is a Rolling Stone!

  1. That is really sweet 🙂 I relate to the agreeing-to-disagree with my dad as well, and still having the ability to look up to him.

  2. Oly da Cunha says:

    You have every right to be proud of your Dad. Your parents are Fantastic people, the nicest I know.

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