You shall return from whence you came – Cristiano Ronaldo’s island awaits us with open arms!

Eighteen days is what stands between me and my next holiday with Raquel! Considering I have one vacation before my before wedding, choosing a location for it was tough. Last year I had three vacations before going to London and waiting for another assignment, which Raquel and I used to go to South Africa, Morocco and Norway. However this time round, in preparation for the honeymoon, we’ve decided to be slightly more cost conscious and head to somewhere cheap. The location chosen? The birth place of metrosexual extraordinaire, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Madeira, Portugal.

Much more than just Cristiano Ronaldo

Why would this be cheaper than simply doing something in the UK? Simple economics, my flight there is covered by my company, which means no extra cost for tickets. My parents have a house and car there, which means no accommodation costs and lower transportation costs. So apart from meals and fuel, the trip will considerably cheaper than heading somewhere else.

Also, I haven’t seen my family there in over two years. This refers mostly to my paternal grandparents and my aunt (dad’s sister) with whom all of the nephews get along with famously. It will also be the first time my grandparents meet Raquel and that will be nice as it is unlikely they will make the wedding.

Nice detail about this trip is that it is almost an affirmation of our relationship as it is on this little island in the Atlantic where we first met over the New Year’s celebrations of 2009/2010 and then again couple of days afterwards where a drunken joke of Raquel and I getting married was actually a prophecy.

This is how it all started…

Both Raquel and I are really looking forward to this trip as it includes a couple of days at beach on the neighbouring island of Porto Santo with her siblings which are joining us from Portugal. As it is the first time they will be visiting I have been putting together an itinerary for them so they can see everything the island offers!

Our paradise for a couple of days

Here’s to looking forward to ten days of fun and relaxation only 18 days away!

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