It’s like a Rainbow; It’s Comes in Colours everywhere! – Capture the Colour Competition

I blog for my own pleasure, however it’s nice to see the amount of random strangers visit the blog, like the posts and let you know what they think of something that to me is purely a hobby, a therapy and a diary of sorts. When someone goes on to nominate you for any awards, that makes the hobby even more special.

That is what happened to me last week when I was completely surprised by a message on the blog’s Facebook page by Expat blogger in South Africa, 2Summers. Moreover she nominated me for a photography competition, which for me is quite something as 2Summers herself is an awesome photographer and getting any kind of nod from her is itself beyond brilliant.

So what is the competition I’ve been invited to participate in? A great competition by TravelSupermarket called “Capture the Colour”. The gist of the competition is to submit a blog post featuring photos “captures the following 5 colours – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red”. In your own post you nominate another five bloggers to do the same. This is an awesome competition which has made me delve back into my photo archives which is always fun.

So here are my submissions:


Catching some Blue

This photo is actually one of my favourite photos ever just because of what it represents and means to me. It was taken last in July on cold South African winter evening at my family home in South Africa while on holiday there with my fiancé. This has been our family for almost 28 years and like me has gone through a lot of changes during the course of these 28 years. This photo always makes me smile as I’m reminded as I always have a home despite not living there for over 10 years.


Capturing Green

This photo was taken soon after arriving in Guinea on the way to visit an orphanage. There are a couple of colours in this photo however the green stands to out me, as there are several tones of it in the photo. What I love about this photo is the sense of friendship between the two boys but also the cheek in it, as if they are checking out girls or ready to prank someone.


Capturing Yellow

This photo is quite important to me because it was taken at the start of my first real solo-backpacking trip, which was a great journey of self-discovery and provided me with some closure to a period in my life, which had been slightly chaotic, so every time I look at this photo it reminds me that sometimes things might not be very clear but in the end things become better. Also, this one of my favourite photos taken with my then newly acquired DSLR.


Capturing White

This photo was caught on my iPhone one evening in London while walking my fiancé home from work in early January this year. I simply loved the white moon behind the lit up Shard in progress.


Capturing Red

If you have followed this blog long enough you will realise I like sunsets. This photo is one of best sunsets taken while in Mozambique and is also one of the last photo’s I took in the country before leaving, for what I didn’t know would be the last time. This photo makes me laugh as I was at home on Saturday afternoon chatting to my housemates when I looked at the window saw what was going to be a great and sunset and immediately ran to my room to get my camera and ran to beach to catch this moment.

So those are the photo’s I’ve picked! Thank you to 2Summers for her nomination (honestly, coming from you, it’s a big honour!). Here are my five nominees:

Stella at Pangaweka

Mike and Jess at Mike and Jess in Malta

Dan and Audrey at Uncornered Market

Liew Chi Khong at Chi Khong Photography

Ana at 1001 Scribbles

Good luck to you guys and all the other participants!

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8 Responses to It’s like a Rainbow; It’s Comes in Colours everywhere! – Capture the Colour Competition

  1. I feel like I could just eat that last sunset and be full for days and days and days.

  2. 2summers says:

    Great job! The white photo is my favorite.

  3. Androniki says:

    I loved the blue foto! Great job Tony!

  4. Jess C. says:

    Thanks for the nomination Toni! We’re excited to pick out photos 🙂

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