Staying up until the stars fall from the sky in Porto Santo

I don’t get too many opportunities to take photos of the night sky and stars, mostly because I’m always in the city and there is way too much light pollution. Which is why one night in Porto Santo I decided to go out on to the beach and miradouro’s for some night time photography. Raquel and her brothers and sister joined in for the fun.

The first photo was taken from the beach facing the ocean. The beach was extremely dark which meant the stars showed up quite nicely on the photographs, but it was only once I started taking photos that I realised that the milky way was visible. Not as visible as I’ve seen before in the Sahara desert but visible enough to make the night sky even more magical than it already was!

The milky over the Atlantic

The next photo was pointed the more desert side of the island which has a bar and restaurant right on the very point of the island. The restaurant emanated enough light to light up that part of the island however wasn’t enough to block out the stars.

One side of the Island lit up

The next photo was taken towards the other side of the island where the town centre is located. This side of the island emanated more light polluting the sky slightly more and thus making the stars less visible but does give the dune blocking the lights an eery glow.

The town centre in the distance

After spending some time on the beach we headed up to one of the view point we had been to during the afternoon. From here you could the town centre’s lighting up the sky. The following photo was taken as the clouds suddenly creep from up above the mountain down to towards the town also giving the photo a slightly eery feel to it.

The miradouro by night

The next photo was simply part of a test that I’ve been wanting to try for ages after seeing some cool photographer using long shutter speeds and lights to create some awesome photos.

Making my mark on the night sky!

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2 Responses to Staying up until the stars fall from the sky in Porto Santo

  1. Nice shots. I never get out at night, so when I do, I have to play like you! I’ve done writing with light, but not in the sky – that’s really cool!

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks! Now I’m looking for another opportunity to get out and take photos of the sky! 🙂 I think anything with the night sky and stars will look cool!! 🙂

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