Helloooo… Is it me you are looking for?!

A couple of weeks ago 2Summers shared this link on her Facebook page which had me in stiches. The post was all about Search Engine Terms used to find the authors blog. Now for those of you who are don’t know what I’m on about, most blog hosting sites give you some statistics and part of these statistics are the terms people used in search engines to find your blog.

That in itself is not funny, what was funny though, was the terms which people used to find the authors blog. When your blog is found by search terms like “Female blood face punch” and “Are beautiful people stupid?” you’re bound to have some interesting posts or weird readers…

I’ve shared some of my own search terms before, but these were two short posts, so I’ve decided to copy Stefanie from Listfull Thinking to compile my own “Best-of” for search terms.

So here we go from the amusing to the just plain weird:

“does tonito have a girlfriend” (or a variant of it)

Yes. Yes I do. Not only she a girlfriend, but she is my fiance. I don’t care if you were not looking for me… I don’t get chased after too much, so I’ll take whatever I can get, including internet stalkers.

“beard shave mustache”

This post is the reason the person found the blog, but I’m curious to know what he (or quite weird she) was looking for? Are they a pogonophobe worried about an immenent attack on mustaches from beards? Or looking for a new look and playing with the ideia of shaving the mustache area and just leave the beard.

“cambridge colleges that let you walk on grass”

It was nice to know that there were people out there with exactly same thought as me “WHY CAN’T YOU WALK ON THE GRASSS!?!?!”. It was something that Raquel and I noticed when we arrived in Cambridge at our first college… There are signs everywhere prohibiting it!

“abu dhabi prostitutes” or  “abu dhabi mistress”  or “tripoli mistress”

This series of searches led to this post, but the main question for me is… Why?? I have not looked but I’m sure websites are more discrete than this. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure there aint not Mistressesareus.com.ae website out there…

“brothers share prostitutes”

This search term led to this post, but once again the question remains, who on earth is looking for this?! And why? Are you looking for rulebook on how to share said prostitute? Or is there some strange club sibling have formed to share there experiences in this activity?

“portuguese ‘quecas’”

Well maybe there were looking the word underwear in Portuguese and were surprised to find out that  ‘quecas’ (not underwear but something else) is not the same as  ‘cuecas’, like I found out the hard way, either way, my post would have helped them in some way.

And here is my personal favourite…

“conakry sextape with expats”

Well a couple of post could have come up with this search term, however I’m positive I’ve never used the term ‘sextape’ in my blog… and once again, why?!?! There must be a whole other to Conakry I’m not aware of if people are searching for this!

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7 Responses to Helloooo… Is it me you are looking for?!

  1. TheBlackTwig says:

    This is funny! And weird. I’m thinking if there are also weird search terms for my blog. I’ve gotta find out now. Thanks for this!

  2. 2summers says:

    Hahahaha. Love the “Does Tonito have a girlfriend” search the best. I’m a little disappointed that I’ve never seen a search for “Does 2Summers have a boyfriend”!

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks 2Summers, that one is a favourite of mine! One I forgot to mention is “Where is Tonito now?” which made me smile! If you want I can create that search term for you 😛

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