Why do I love thee? The formula to the perfect relationship!

What makes a couple tick? What are the signs that a relationship will endure? How do you know that you have committed yourself to the right person. Just a over a week to go to my own wedding day, these questions are being thrown at me constantly by colleagues who want to know why it is that I decided to quit the company I’ve worked for almost four years and was growing in for the sake of being closer to Raquel. The answer is simple: Love!

I know some of those who follow this blog, know what I’m on about, but I have decided to share me and Raquel’s secret with the world and those who have no idea why anyone would give up a career for the sake of love:

Merely looking at our childhood photos you can see we are an identical match simply by appearance…

We only eat at the fanciest restaurants…

Drink Moet and Evian…

Stay at the Best hotels…

Only dressed in the most fashionable attire during our childhood…

And our adulthood…

Complete dedication to the motherland…

Quiet nights at home drinking tea…

Mature reactions to criticism…

Full of warm and loving gestures…

All of these factors combined, give us a perfectly functional relationship!

Raquel, love you more than you imagine!

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10 Responses to Why do I love thee? The formula to the perfect relationship!

  1. charmedbylove says:

    love the way both of you pull funny faces!

  2. Walsy says:

    I keep thinking about you guys and how I wish I could be in your amazing day of happiness! Sending you lots of love from NY! Can’t wait to see how awesome your wedding will be! xxxxx

  3. Walsy says:

    haha excuse the typos. You got what I meant 😛

  4. Olivia says:

    Congrats guys!

  5. Rosemarie Katarina Anoff says:

    Congratulations to you two..many years of happiness, more adventures and oh whatever you WISH!!! and YES YOU both are SOOOOOOOOOO similar!!!! smile and wink!!!!

  6. Natalia Villamizar-Duarte says:

    Gooosssshhhh… lovely!!! and you know that´s my favorite word in English!!!

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