Au revoir Conakry! Our romance was short but memorable!

Dear Conakry,

It is with a heavy heart that I leave you for another. She is called South Africa; was my first love for eighteen years and we have decided to give the relationship another chance.

Things didn’t work out with us,  but I’m still sad to leave you, even though you were a bit of rebound from my previous relationship, Beira (That b*tch broke my heart), you meant a lot to me.

It was with you that I enjoyed working again. Yes, work did have its ups and downs, but it was mostly ups. You put me in a great team, where teamwork meant something again. You allowed me to return to doing something I was good at. For that I thank you.

It was with you that I once again became social on an expat assignment and did not live through a book and an iPod. Here I have returned to being my extroverted self. I have once again become the guy that makes people laugh. I have once again made friendships on an expat assignment and have enjoyed the atmosphere of living and working with the same people.

Even though I did have the opportunity to get to know you better, the little you showed me at times was breathtaking! Your sunsets are amazing and will be remembered for a long time!

You provided me with more stories to tell, like the time when we almost caused a riot at a concert,  the time my bedroom was invaded by drunken colleague and the time I got stock in the elevator. They are stories and memories I will look back on fondly.

You made test my really awful French on unsuspecting Guineans  which prompted confused “Que?” and ultimately laughter.

Alas, for all the good did for me, things were just not right for us. We were not a perfect fit.

For all you have done  and more, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Yours Sincerely,

Travelling Tonito




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6 Responses to Au revoir Conakry! Our romance was short but memorable!

  1. Jay says:

    Good luck with the transition back to South Africa and best wishes for the upcoming nuptials!

  2. Mauro says:

    Tonito my friend,

    Once and again I could count on you. Now a new life is coming, new world, new adventures with someone that shall perfect fit with you no matter where you borh will be.

    See you soon, because I am quite confidente that we will meet again.

  3. Lauren Pereira says:

    “VOU FALAR COM VICTOR LAVIGNE!!!” hahahahaha!! That will never be forgotten 🙂

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