Photo of the Week: All in the hands!

I don’t do people photography… I just don’t have the confidence to go up to people and take photos of them. Especially here in Vietnam where people don’t seem to like being photographed. This is where Raquel has been excellent as she just takes the camera from me and goes up to people to and takes photos (after asking for permission). So many reasons to love this woman!! 🙂 So here is a photo, taken by Raquel, of some Vietnamese kids when we visited a school in the Sapa valley!

All ok here! 🙂 (Photo Credit: Raquel)




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8 Responses to Photo of the Week: All in the hands!

  1. Jay says:

    I’m like you Tony – you’re lucky to have Raquel around to capture those moments!

    Hope the honeymoon is going well!

  2. artquench says:

    This shot is precious!

  3. 2summers says:

    Great photo. Raquel’s got talent.

  4. I’m surprised, I’ve always found locals in Vietnam love to be photographed (I could shamelessly link to some posts on my own blog as evidence, but I won’t). Maybe it’s all relative. I live in China, where people are a million times more reluctant to be photographed (hard for me, as that’s my main thing). In any case, it’s a great photo, compliments to Raquel!

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks Adam! Will pass the message on to Raquel. It might just be our luck that the folks we want to take pictures of, don’t to want to be photographed! And please share links as I would love to see them!

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