In the end it was all Yellow – Wedding Review

We got engaged in April 2011 and after seventeen months of planning, stressing, worrying and organising came to an abrupt end for the event itself. It had everything to go wrong, from trying to plan it from at times, four different countries; from families and friends flying in from several other countries; from all the DIY details which could have gone wrong at the last minute. However, in the end everything went perfectly and we ended up having the wedding we dreamed of: A wedding for all our friends and family to enjoy!

It all kicked off with wedding ceremony at the Golega church, with Raquel walking up the aisle to a string version of Coldplay’s Yellow. The short but pleasant ceremony in which our rings were blessed  and exchanged our vows.

From here our guests went to the venue for the cocktail reception while Raquel and I went off for photos. We later joined our guests at the cocktail reception arriving to the string quartet playing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and shisha salute by some friends.

This was followed by dinner in the main area of the venue. However, the great part was that this wasn’t a quiet formal sit down dinner, but a dinner with friends and family constantly making spontaneous drinking toasts to Raquel and I.

Dinner was followed by a some traditional Portuguese fado sung by a good friend of Raquel’s, with her last song being our first dance, a song by Portuguese fado singer, Ana Moura called Nao hesitava um Segundo (I would not hesitate at all).

At this point the dancing began in earnest, with our guests enjoying themselves to the great music played by the DJ. Obviously this broken up by some speeches and cutting the cake to some fireworks behind us.

Then came something which both Raquel and I were not expecting, a video made by friends and family, some who were at the wedding and others and who didn’t make it. It even included part made by my friends and family in South Africa, which overwhelmed me a little and had me shed some tears.

This led to resumption in the dancing, with me coming out later that night with a tiger suit (long story). Enjoy the amazing photos by Fabio Azanha and his wife Maria.

Once again I extend our thank you to every single family member and friend who made their way to Golega and made our day that extra bit special!

**Technical List**

Venue: Quinta de Guadalupe

Photographer: Fabio Azanha Fotografia Creativa

Videographer: Video Art

DJ: Diogo Sousa

Fadista: Tania Carioca

String Trio: Quarteto Opus 28

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5 Responses to In the end it was all Yellow – Wedding Review

  1. Katey says:

    How fun! What a beautiful wedding. 🙂

    Katey, Truck Accident Lawyer

  2. 2summers says:

    Wow. Those are some fu@%ing incredible wedding photos. And I am a harsh critic 🙂

    • Tonito says:

      Thanks! When we were looking for wedding photographers, we wanted something different which wasn’t all poses and fake smiles, but someone who could capture the feeling and joy of the day. I think we the mark spot on with Fabio Azanha! Check out his site for his photography!

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