The good, the great and the awesome things about blogs – Short version

I’ve wanted to write a decent follow post to this one on blogging for a while now, but since January I’ve been slightly busy blogging about travelling, weddings, moving to another arse of the world, massive life changes and random nonsense that this post has been left swirling in mind until things calm down (might not be any time soon). This being said, on Saturday I received an excellent reason to revive this idea albeit in a very brief and short version.

What was the reason? Well I received a notification on Facebook on being tagged on a photo. In what felt like a mild celebrity moment, I saw a photo (below) showing various class computer screens showing the home page of my blog. It took me a couple of seconds to realise to actually realise what was going on, but once I did I was left in complete delirium! A reader (and acquaintance) of my blog who is a teacher in the UK decided to use my blog in a lesson about blogging!

Most of you know, that for me blogging is merely a hobby and any kind of recognition I receive, is well, received with great enthusiasm. So this post is massive thank you to Fanie who took this photo of one of the classes! Thank you so much for the shout to the blog. I will soon write a longer version about this blogging thing that I’ve been doing for almost three years!

The awesome feeling of seeing my blog on various screens


Fanie himself is a funny guy who writes an Afrikaans column in the South African paper in the UK. For those of you interested (who can read Afrikaans) check out his columns here.

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