Stuck between Halong Bay and Hue in Hanoi (Yes alliteration in a title!)

After spending three days in Halong Bay, we arrived back in Hanoi late afternoon, but unfortunately Hanoi Hostel was fully booked for that night which meant we had to find another hostel. Fortunately we were only in Hanoi for a night, so we didn’t simply trying another hostel as we were only going to spend the evening walking around the night market we had heard just before leaving for Sapa.

The mayem of the night market

After checking in, we had dinner and headed off for the night market. The closer we got to this market, the busier the streets became and the more horns we heard. At one point the noise, the chaos and the throngs of people were close to driving me off the edge. I think Raquel at one point was worried for my sanity as I was losing my cool, but fortunately I survived and there were no casualties.

Some more snapshots of the market

The next day we decided to take it easy and do some people at Hoan Kiem lake. which included more couples having their wedding photos taken. I hate taking photos of people but fortunately the long lens Raquel had given for Christmas was perfect for sneakily taking photos of people.

Some snapshots from Hoan Kiem park

That evening we were collected from the hostel by the operator of the bus company to the departure point of the bus. I won’t be writing much about the experience on this post, as I think the Open bus (hop on/ hop off) warrants a post on its own, which will come soon.

This post is based on our day of the 15th and 16th of September 2012
**Practical Details**
Hostel: Lucky Queen Hotel- Double room including AC, TV, Fridge and ensuite bathroom $17 per night (see our review of hostel here)
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