At night Hoi An is Hue’s pretty sister with make-up on!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent one evening walking around Hoi An taking photos and enjoy the amazingly calm and beautifully lit Old Town by night. I think this was on my favourite places to photograph during this trip and thought it deserved a post less about me babbling on and more about showing how beautiful this town is at night. Enjoy!

Raquel and I had a good Vietnamese dinner before heading for our walk

These two were doing there own walk

The boats docked up by the river

Even though this is very touristy town, some parts of it it is quiet

The French architecture looks even better lit up at night

The river at night becomes a mirror for all the lights

The nicely lit up bridge crossing over the river

The great looking Japanese bridge with some stunning lighting

The lights in the trees made the streets look like a fairytale

The mysterious sales people at night

This net was maybe catching something, but I’m not sure

I like the reflections of the lights on the water

The lanterns being sold in the night market

Another great night of my wife enduring my amateur hobby

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