Not so much Tomb Raiders, more like Tomb visitors with camera at Ta Phrom

One of the main reasons I became aware of the Angkor ruins, was due to a certain busty British gal, Lara Croft, traipsing around ruins in Cambodia. Yes, Tomb Raider was how I discover the Angkor Ruins… I am ashamed, very ashamed.

Though for all my shame, I’m not the only one, so much so that even tour guides call one of the temples made famous by the movie, Tha Prom, the Tomb Raider temple. However, the temple that at times looks like it is being consumed by the jungles surrounding it, did not really need the extra attention as it is an attention grabbing place.

It is simply a breathtaking example of nature taking over manmade structures, and while the trees consuming the temple is damaging, it does giving the temple a mysterious and hidden, lost to humanity quality to it.ThapromSiem Reap Day 1 336Siem Reap Day 1 331Siem Reap Day 1 317Siem Reap Day 1 339Siem Reap Day 1 312Siem Reap Day 1 310Siem Reap Day 1 300Siem Reap Day 1 298Siem Reap Day 1 297Siem Reap Day 1 328Siem Reap Day 1 296Siem Reap Day 1 299Siem Reap Day 1 302Siem Reap Day 1 301Panorama2Siem Reap Day 1 284PanoramaSiem Reap Day 1 286Panoramatapr


Despite, not being my favourite (Bayon wins that prize), Ta Phrom was a real treat to see and experience and was a great way to end our first day of the Angkor Temple.

Hope you enjoy the photos just as much as I enjoyed the experience!

This post is based on our day of the 24th of September 2012

**Practical Details**

Entrance Fee: Three day ticket for use of up to a week = $40

Transport: Tuk-tuk for a day for major Angkor Temples (Big tour as it is known) = $10

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3 Responses to Not so much Tomb Raiders, more like Tomb visitors with camera at Ta Phrom

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  2. Lu says:

    That is one truly amazing place, no matter how you discovered it!

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