The awkward moment when Siem Reap airport security flirts with you on your first month wedding anniversary

Our last day in Cambodia was the 1st of October, which coincidentally was also our first month wedding anniversary! (Don’t worry we don’t celebrate every single kind of anniversary under the sun, so there won’t be more of these). We thought it was pretty cool that we would be spending our first month anniversary in two different countries.

We got up in the morning, had our breakfast and spent the rest of the morning in the hotel pool, which I think Raquel and I must have made the most use of in the history of the hotel as we were there everyday for at least twice a day.

After our session in the pool we had our final lunch at the Golden Temple Villa. Even on our last day we were still amazed at how cheap the food was for the fantastic quality we were getting!

Having packed earlier in the day, we were ready to be picked up by our tuk-tuk taking us to the airport. It was at the airport though where we one of the most bizarre but at the same time hilarious moments during this whole trip,

We had just checked in and were going through security when I placed one of our bags on the conveyor towards the scanner. One of the guys form security walked towards me and said “Hey you’re cute! You have cute eyes!”. As you can imagine, I was caught completely by surprise this and my immediate response was to say “Thank you…”.

My new admirer was not though and feeling slightly dejected by reaction, he tried again with this great line, “You have cute beard! Is it natural?”. I was completely dumbfounded by this guy and Raquel just seemed to be amused. I responded that it was natural and my new friend went a step further and said “Can I touch it?”.

At this point I was just in some slight shock and said yes he could touch it. He stretched out his hand, touching my beard and then giggling like a girl.  We both then crossed the metal detector just laughing at what just happened. He told us to have a good flight and went back to, well, I hope not flirting with other male travellers…

I had already been fondled in some way or other at Heathrow airport (but who hasn’t), but never have I been flirted with by airport security. We laughed for a good while about our little episode, even as we boarded our flight, we laughed, as being flirted with on your wedding anniversary is nothing normal.

Two hours later we arrived in Luang Prabang, quickly taking care of visas ($30 each plus a fictitious $1 Administration fee), and catching a taxi to our hostel. Getting a taxi is so easy and stress free as all you do is walk up to the taxi counter at departures and pay the $6 fare to the centre and catch a taxi from queue with the coupon you were provided.

Walking to the town centre

Walking to the town centre

We arrived at our guesthouse and for the first time during the trip, we were underwhelmed by what we saw… Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful, but it was nowhere near the standard of the hotels we had stayed at in Vietnam and Cambodia. Fortunately, we had only booked two nights, so decided we would look for other options the following day. However, considering it was out anniversary we decided to go and celebrate with an expensive meal at a nice restaurant.

The Mekong at dusk

The Mekong at dusk

We walked the 10 minute walk to the town centre and explored for a while, before we found what seemed to be a decent restaurant. We sat down and ordered some our favourite foods; steak for me, and fish for Raquel. As soon as my food arrived and I took a bite of it, I noticed a funny taste to it, but just assumed it was some odd spices.

The dodgy piece of meat

The dodgy piece of meat

However soon after leaving the restaurant, my stomach started warning me that the steak did not go down well. We quickly made our way back to the hotel and well, spent the rest of our anniversary on the toilet.

This post is based on our day of the 1st of October 2012.

**Practical details**

Hotel: Liberty Guesthouse– Double room including AC, TV, Fridge, Breakfast and ensuite bathroom $15 per night (see our review of hostel here)

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2 Responses to The awkward moment when Siem Reap airport security flirts with you on your first month wedding anniversary

  1. OH MY. That’s hilarious! And yeah, really awkward! Haha! But at least you got a great and funny story out of it. And no harm was done really right? 😉 And sorry about your stomach. That must have been awful!

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