Laos… The Epilogue

For Raquel and I, Laos was an unknown beast. We had very little I idea of what awaited us before we went, with the exception of the very little we read of the country.

Every person we spoke to before we arrived spoke about a laid-back people and country, which we would enjoy. Initially our plans included the Si Phan Don in the South and Luang Prabang in North and maybe something in between, however that changed when we arrived and due to changed plans in Cambodia.

Luang Prabang was the only city that embraced us with hospitality, warmth, beauty and relaxation all in one moment. We arrived initially with the plan of staying one week and ended up staying for two because it we fell in love with Luang Prabang.

Everything about this city simply drew us in and made us fall in love with it even more. It small enough to simply walk everywhere worth going to; everything about the city was laid back, the markets, the people; It oozed quietness and spirituality with the amount of temples, monasteries and monks around; It was also a beautifully located city perched between two rivers, the Mekong and Nam Khan river.

There was a quite a lot to see around the city which ended up filling two weeks worth or activities which included waterfalls, treks, caves, sunset opportunity, temples, night markets etc. and that is just what we did, because this is an adventure sports fan’s dream place, with kayaking, cycling and so much more.

With regards to cost, Laos was the cheapest country of the three we had visited so far. Food was cheaper, if you knew where to look. Accommodation was an area that worried us before we arrived as we didn’t find much online, but once there, you realize there is an abundance of place to fit every budget.  Below are some of the numbers from the trip:

  • Average on meals per day = $15 between two people and three meals each
  • Average on accommodation per night = $15 for a double room, with TV, Bathroom, A/C.

Highlights and Low Point

I think with regards, to Laos, we only had highpoints. So it difficult to point to something in specific, but… The trek we did for three days is one of things, which we will never forget and have probably spoken the most about since coming back from the honeymoon.

It was humbling to live among the hill tribes for three days; to eat what they eat; to walk where they walk; to see how they live and love their families; To see that despite their poverty, they open their homes to stranger on the look out for adventure! It was truly a once in a life time opportunity that we will never forget!

Laos, is such an unknown quantity in travel that I recommend anyone coming to Asia, to spend as much time as possible in this amazing country!

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2 Responses to Laos… The Epilogue

  1. manenomatamu says:

    I totally agree with you … Ever since I’ve been to Laos, I keep recommending this country to anybody who’s willing to listen and even more so to anyone travelling around South East Asia. Unfortunately, many people are heedless of the suggestion. I am also a big fan of Malaysia, in a completely different style;

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